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Problems Wanted

software development

I need your problems - if they are the right kind, if their solution will do something useful. I like challenging software development, possibly with some mathematical, scientific, or artistic flavor.

It could suffice to be useful to one person, though I mostly write software for companies that resell it or services that use it. Some things that have seemed useful to me in the past include: scientific research, production of physical goods, artistic work, government work, and software to be used by other programmers.

"Challenge" usually involves something I have not done before, and may involve something no one has done, at least in quite the same way. The more interesting challenges involve new kinds of problems. I'm happy to use books, papers, and the web to acquaint myself with new subject matter, to come to an efficient solution of a problem, and also like it when the problem requires some thought beyond that. I can earn my pay putting together components in obvious ways, but like it when there's something more. Over the course of a career, simply using a new set of tools has become less challenging, not that it can't be fun.

"Mathematical, scientific, or artistic" covers a lot of ground. Past examples include: ski racing physics simulations, development of new biochemical analytical methods, 2D and 3D graphics and image processing algorithms and applications of many kinds, and seismic exploration applications. From time to time I like to return to the hardware roots of computers, perhaps using an oscilloscope or logic analyzer, have enjoyed issues of timing and synchronization, and working with internet protocols.

If your problem would require something new to me, it might well interest me even more.

In conclusion, remember that it is your problems I want, not so much a pre-existing solution framework that needs a wetware part. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you.

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