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I grew up in Texas. After college, went backpacking in the California mountains and rock climbing in New Hampshire. Then a friend took me skiing at Stratton. The second day, I got a job in their cross country ski lodge: taught college MWF, cooked on the weekend, and skied TTh. My best memory of skiing that year was going down a slalom hill with moguls, no turns except one big one I barely made for the bend in the trail.

The next year I moved to Colorado, and was on the CU C team. Went to a few downhills, and started to learn how to turn. Was on a kid's team for some years: LERT. Skied maybe a third of the years in Colorado. Last two years, being again a grad student at CU, was on their USCSA team, went to some of those and some other USSA races. Now I like slalom; haven't been to a downhill in ages.

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