Stuart Ambler Personal Notes

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Who am I talking to? It's hard to talk to an abstract Everyman on the web. I often find people's personal home pages touching, perhaps someday I'll do more here.
  • moved to East Bay Area (e.g. Berkeley/Oakland CA) recently
  • in 2003 I wrote "left city years ago, want to leave its vicinity"; in 2013 I'm in a big city for the people, though I still like the country.
  • got bored sitting in a cabin in the woods by myself
  • more pictures
  • politics
music, art
  • long ago played classical piano
  • like to play guitar and sing
  • wandered the country doing pen and ink drawings
  • like figure drawing
  • ski race - that's why Colorado
  • love to run hill trails
  • so good to be back where there are hills
  • A.B. in math from Harvard
  • believe in a liberal education
non-computer employment
  • clerked in a bookstore
  • research assistant to a physiological psychologist in a VA hospital
  • picked apples for a living two years; useful, and fun in standard trees
  • taught elementary chemistry, math, and physics courses at Keene State College, New Hampshire
  • cooked in a cross-country ski lodge
  • teaching assistant in math, U Notre Dame

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